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Creating A Classroom Newspaper

Media Literacy Workshop
August 16, 2011
• Agenda
• Goal
• SOL Curriculum Framework: English 6.3; 7.3; 8.3
• Keep it Real
• The Essential Question
• Jefferson Quote
• Scavenger Hunt
• Connections: T for 3 graphic organizer

Presented by Bobby Hebert, advertising consultant
Belmont video
Dickinson ad

Presented by Shelly Bynum, radio production director
Writing Killer Copy
Police Department Ad (original)
Police Department Ad (edited)

Presented by teacher Ann Lusher
Scavenger Hunt
Ad Slogans

Jim’s Beginning Reporting website
Story 1: 8/11 Medical waste clogs sewers
Story 2: Hospital explains clogs in sewers
Blog 1: Medical waste from hospital has been clogging city’s sewer pump station
Blog 2: Hospital waste found in city sewer system
Editorial: Waste not
Political cartoon: Medical Toilets

Presented by teacher Laura Hutchison
Linda White's article, Walking Alongside Cancer

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