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Get started with these introductory lessons. 
Print the 8-page guide or display the colorful pages on your interactive whiteboard.

Kid Scoop in Monday's Free Lance-Star

Kids love the timely topics and fun games and teachers appreciate the correlation with curriculum ojbectives. Use these resources to expand the Kid Scoop experience.

Kid Scoop Premium

Find new ideas to use the newspaper to teach across the curriculum. Lesson ideas for both print and e-edition newspapers!

Tips for helping your child succeed in school and life, fun educational activities, recipes, crafts, book reviews and more.

A multimedia education program that brings interactive educational pages, online learning games, comprehension and vocabulary activities, video, web-quest resources, family involvement activities and more!

Curriculum Guides & Teaching Resources

It's NIE for K-3: A Curriculum guide and newspaper activities for teachers of students in grades K-3

Target Date U.S.A. - Scavenger Hunts: A Newspaper In Education Activity Guide - Scavenger hunts have long been a popular NIE activity. This publication presents 50 scavenger hunts - one for each state in the Union. This guide works well if you request newspapers from other states. (52 pages - NAA Foundation, 2006)

Megaskills - an 11-part series based on building children's achievement for the information age incorporating the following topics: Confidence, Motivation, Effort, Responsibility, Initiative, Perseverance, Caring, Teamwork, Common Sense, Problem Solving and Focus. (NAA Foundation, 2000)

Critical Thinking Through Core Curriculum - Using Print and Digital Newspapers - a teachers' guide covering five themes: Financial Literacy, Nutrition, the Environment, Character Education and Information Technology. The guide provides an opportunity to teach critical thinking skills through subjects that will be vital to students' success as adults. The student activities are available in three levels - Grades 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. (47 pages - NAA Foundation, March 2010)

Community Connections with Geography and the Newspaper - Geography is at the core of social studies. Whether the subject matter is history, economics, civics or current events, students must begin with a sense of where things are and how they fit into the world. The “Community Connections” curriculum is divided into two levels. Level One blends mapping skills with a discussion of various communities to which everyone belongs as individuals. As students learn to make and interpret maps, the curriculum addresses local, regional, state and national identity, as well as government and community. This section is written with elementary students in mind, but the clarity of language will be helpful for anyone working to grasp these basic elements.

Introducing Students to Newspapers

All Together Now - an activity guides that looks at the role the newspaper can play in developing children's literacy skills in a multicultural society. (37 pages - 12 lessons that reflect the national standards in many different content areas. Modifications for English Language Learners. Can be adapted to fit multiple grade levels. NAA Foundation, 2005)

Classroom Management - Tips from experienced NIE teachers.

Six introductory lessons - For helping students become familiar with the function and organization of a newspaper.

Newspapers Inspire and Enlighten - For introducing students to newspapers; covers news gathering, newspaper sections, types of writing, advertising, production, history, careers and vocabulary.

 What’s News? ByLine, Deadline & Online - Background information on newspaper content with corresponding activities.

Just Think! - Ten lessons introduce types of news and writing. Activities promote higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills. Grades 5 & up.

Reading & Language Arts

Literacy Workstation Folders for use with newspaper content - 9 teacher-selected activities include instructions for students and accompanying graphic organizers.

 Comics Capers - 31 standards-based activities use comics to target specific reading and writing skills. Each activity includes a focus exercise, extension activity and English SOL correlations for grades 3-6.

 Featuring the Frameworks - Ready to use graphic organizers include rubrics and SOL correlations.

 Thoughtful Literacy - Engage and empower students with newspaper content and effective practices of managed choice, multi-source curriculum, multi-task learning and meaningful classroom discussions.

The Power of the Press - Inspire young students to read and write with purpose and passion. Includes tips for creating a classroom newspaper.

Creating a Classroom Newspaper - Five days of instruction include planning, writing news, feature stories and opinions and creating ads. Differientate lessons with three levels for each lesson.

 The Essential Question - Lessons enhance critical thinking and comprehension by teaching students to actively build understanding as they read and think.

 The ABC Book of Newspaper Sponge Activities - Quick activities reinforce standards-based skills; use when lessons run short and you have a few minutes to fill.

Reading First NIE! - a teaching supplement for Reading First, No Child Left Behind Act 2001. Covers activities for children Pre-K through Grade 5 in these five areas: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Text Comprehension (38 pages - NAA Foundation, 2002)

NIE Literacy Circle - Print and cut one circle for each group of five students. Includes instructions and roles for summarizer, vocabulary person, quoter, connector and illustrator.

100 Ways to Use the Newspaper: Bilingual English/Spanish activity cards - categories include newspaper knowledge, language arts, math, social studies, life skills, critical thinking and character education.

Social Studies

Your Newspaper: Your Town Hall - Lessons focus on newspaper coverage of town/city government and the local community.

Civil War Educational Site - Students learn by doing. This interactive site covers ALL Civil War SOLs for 4th and 5th grades

Newsmania Quiz Game - Play the news trivia game that's as fresh as today's headlines.

Activity Sheets -
Print or display on Interactive White Board


A project for 5th grades classes that participate in the Newspaper in Education program.



Art Activities:
• Newspapers from an Artist's Eye
• Newspaper Crafts

For Parents:
• Newspaper Activities to Share With Your Child (English version)
• Newspaper Activities to Share With Your Child (Spanish version)

Seasonal NIE Activities:
September: Constitution Scavenger Hunt
October: Stir up some Halloween Fun
November: Integrating Thanksgiving Activities
December: Integrating Holiday Activities
February: St. Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt
March: Celebrating Dr. Seuss's Birthday - Dr. Seuss Activities in Poem format

Vocabulary - The website, Vocabulary University, was created in May '97 with the idea that free puzzles with pleasing, interactive graphics would draw participants into learning vocabulary words at all levels. The site to go to is http://www.myvocabulary.com/